Sketching our new guinea pigs

In Reception we are very excited as next week we will be receiving two new donated guinea pigs. To prepare for their arrival we have been suggesting names and sketching some pictures of them as well as pictures of Ginger. Below the children excitedly sketching pictures of our newest furry friends.

Celebrating Diwali

We had a fabulous time getting prepared for Diwali this week, we read stories about Diwali, Mrs. Ajith brought in some beautiful Diwali dresses to show our class, and we even had a go making our own diva lamps. Great work RC!

Our class making Diva lamps

Reading ‘ The Best Diwali Ever’ and Mrs.Ajith showing us her special Diwali dress.

Snack Time Maths

Our class has been working so hard with their subitising and counting. We even practice these skills during snack time. We were able to subitise the oranges and apples and count the bananas together as a group! We even noticed which fruit had more and which had fewer. Well done RC! Can you find objects at home to subitise and count? Can you compare objects to see which is more and which is fewer?

Box Exhibition

Thank you to all of the families who came this morning and the year 5 volunteers. Our class truly enjoyed sharing their ‘All About Me’ boxes with you all. They were very excited in the days leading up to this, and couldn’t stop talking about the box exhibition all day today. It was a great morning to join the school community together.
Below are a few pictures from this morning:

Pattern making in RC

This week we have been learning about patterns of all kinds. We had a go identifying patterns and learned about repeating patterns. We had some helpers show us different patterns during our Maths lesson. Our ACE Mathematicians were super at finding these patterns. Can you make or find some patterns at home?

Story time in RC

We have been enjoying story time this week! every Friday we have a special story bag and as a class pick out some characters and work together in creating a story! This week we had a scuba diver swimming on the beach who was suddenly bitten by a mouse! Then a friendly tiger appeared and roared to scare the mouse away. Luckily the tiger also knew first aid, and patched up the scuba diver so they both went swimming at the beach.

The children all enjoyed taking part! Great story RC! can’t wait for next week’s edition!

A busy morning in the garden!

Armed with our gloves and trowels we headed out into the gardens this morning to tackle some of the old growth and nettles. On our journey of discovery we encountered many wiggly worms and some potato jewels in the ground – what an exciting morning! Lots of filling plant pots and comparing the capacities. We persevered in getting the potatoes out of the ground and took turns to dig around them.


In the curiosity cube this week the children discovered some ‘shiny jewels’ from the forest floor.
Sehaj and Zachary had lots of questions and theories about where they had come from. Elsie was very insistent that the conkers had definitely been polished prior to being put in their cases!